The 3B

Bar, Bands and ‘Bells… Oh, My! Some days, you wants something that hits you like nothing else, to challenge your body and your will.  Most people who have been lifting for any length of time can move a barbell and weight in a linear direction without much difficulty, depending on the amount on the bar. … More The 3B

The Unhealthy State of America’s Healthcare Workers

It’s 8 am, you’ve just finished a twelve-hour shift (if you’re lucky to get out after 12 hours), you made it through 2 codes, but one of your patients did not, you’ve probably walked 8 miles total, been berated by countless number of unhappy patients and family, managed to eat two bites of your lunch … More The Unhealthy State of America’s Healthcare Workers

A Fight for Fitness

By Anthony Eisenhower Being a medical professional means long hours, stressful days/nights and dealing with the health and well-being of people all the time.  But it’s so crazy that to do that in so many ways they are letting their own health go sideways, and allowing themselves to get caught up with everything that goes … More A Fight for Fitness