Egg “Muffins”

Great and easy breakfast idea if you want something to make ahead, and even in bulk, that can start your morning off right.  These egg “muffins” are basically just mini frittatas that contain a whole host of healthy ingredients.  All you need is a muffin pan, the groceries listed below and about an hour. The … More Egg “Muffins”

The 3B

Bar, Bands and ‘Bells… Oh, My! Some days, you wants something that hits you like nothing else, to challenge your body and your will.  Most people who have been lifting for any length of time can move a barbell and weight in a linear direction without much difficulty, depending on the amount on the bar. … More The 3B

Anthony on Awake & Alive Podcast

Anthony had the great pleasure of joining Mark Smith on Episode 22 of the Awake & Alive Podcast.  During the episode, Anthony discussed the challenges of those working in the healthcare field and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Anthony discussed some tips for reducing stress, eating better and increasing activity.  Check out this great and informative … More Anthony on Awake & Alive Podcast