The purpose behind Fit Med Pro is to increase awareness in the benefits of physical, mental and nutritional fitness among those who are professionals in the medical and healthcare industry. So often, we spend so much time and energy caring for our patients that we have little of either to care for ourselves. Fit Med Pro seeks to be a resource for professionals by collecting content, both original and previously published, and providing it to those who wish to improve themselves. As medical professionals are well aware, training never stops, why should that training not apply to taking care of yourself as well?

The Fit Med Pro team is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and promoting fitness and wellness to others.  We hope to continually grow the team, adding professionals that will increase our knowledge base and better provide you with the resources you need and want.


The Fit Med Pro Team




Anthony Zalewski has been in the medical field for nearly twenty years, working as a registered nurse for almost 14.  He has worked in many different areas of nursing, including flight nursing and travel nursing, but has spent most of his time in emergency medicine. Anthony’s love for fitness, however, has been lifelong, as the youngest of six children, he was constantly involved in athletics and always active.  A three-sport athlete in high school, Anthony participated in football, wrestling and was a pole vaulter and hurdler in track.  After high school, Anthony became more immersed in the fitness culture and tried practically every type of training from powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, and calisthenics.  Anthony took the long way to beginning his nursing career, but it has been rewarding since then and he has continued to improve upon his education, currently working on his Masters in Nursing.  In addition to Anthony’s physical pursuits, he has self-published a fictional novel titled, Baker’s Dozen.

A few years ago, Anthony became more aware of the benefits of movement-based training as well as functional fitness and continues to supplement his training knowledge.  As a Registered Nurse, Anthony is all too familiar with the physical and emotional demands of the job and the toll it can take on a person’s activity, diet and sleep patterns.  Anthony found a void where his two worlds intersected, as many medical professionals were in some cases in worse physical condition than those patients they have dedicated themselves to care for.  Anthony created Fit Med Pro (Fitness for Medical Professionals) to provide a holistic resource and encouragement to healthcare providers by offering original content, previously published work and other media in the areas of nutrition, wellness, and fitness.  A well-educated healthcare professional is a great resource to any organization, and Anthony hopes to help them to not only be well-educated but also well-prepared so that they can be a good example of health to those who they care for and improve career longevity.




I was given my first weight set at the age of 12. After many years of doing everything wrong in the weight rooms and gyms, I was introduced to kettlebells in 2006. My shoulders, back, and neck were barely functional. I began training in earnest in 2007. Within 6 months of training, everything felt “right” again. My function, strength, and conditioning improved drastically! I was all in. I first certified as an instructor under Pavel in 2009.
I have been certified by USAW in Olympic lifting, formerly a NASM CPT, formerly RKC level 1, and currently hold a level 1 certification with Strong First and am FMS certified. I’ve worked as a nurse for 16 years. Six years as a cardiac nurse and currently as an ICU nurse for over 10 years. I currently lead a small kettlebell class geared for night shift healthcare workers.




Graduate from Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage
Licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board
Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Olivia devotes herself to helping others improve their physical and emotional health by performing therapeutic massage therapy that soothes muscles, heals soreness and eliminates stress. Olivia incorporates several modalities to accommodate each body’s unique need for healing. Clients leave relaxed, impressed, and looking forward to the next session.




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