Phase 1 Week 3 Finito!

Three weeks down and things are going great!  I am excited about how this challenge is progressing so far.  I am really recognizing the importance of the flex hang and the active hang as well.  I always thought that it was so important to slam out reps and instead I am finding that the simple act of just holding on is far more than simple.  Not only that but with these basic movements, I am finding that I am, indeed, getting stronger.  Also, the joints are feeling great, and I have plenty of energy for the rest of the workouts during the week.  For this week, I decided to go with the full squats, instead of the assisted ones, I wanted to get as low as I could, all “ass to grass”-like and really get deep.  And, where the heck have these hip bridges been all my life, I feel it in the glutes for sure.  Looking forward to progressing through this final week of Phase 1 and knocking out the test so I can get on to Phase 2.  I still believe that many people do not realize just how good for them calisthenic exercises can be.  I will continue to spread the word of this challenge and of just being active.  Yes, it seems, on some days, that nurses and other medical professionals don’t sit for an entire shift, but that doesn’t mean that they are doing all they can to take care of themselves and keep healthy.  Next week, I will hope to have the good news of completing the Phase 1 test and have the video footage to prove it.  Like Al Kavadlo says, “Hey, We’re Working Out!”

Stay Healthy, My Friends…


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