Phase 1 Week 2 Completed!

Well, another week has been completed, and I would say things are moving along quite well, to this point.  Adding a few reps to each exercise did not make things much more difficult, though I did emphasize how long it took me to perform each repetition, so as to maximize my time under tension.  The active hangs felt good and hanging with arms extended for 20 seconds is not really an issue for me (I have been adding active hanging for 60 seconds to the end of many of my training sessions for months before I even knew about this challenge).  The flex hangs, though not difficult to hold for 10 seconds and lower myself down for an additional ten seconds, I am finding these to be a great exercise.  I want to add flex hangs into my training as well as the active hangs – holding for 60 seconds also.  I think I am going to start regular, deep squats, instead of the assisted squats, since I have been doing full squats regularly as well.  I still love the way I feel after these training sessions, like I put in some work but am ready to go again if needed.  Best of all, my joints are feeling great, which is so much more important to me than anything else at this point.  I have been raving to friends and family about this program, regardless of the actual transformation challenge part, but how important calisthenics can be for anyone who wants to have life-long health, strength and general fitness.  I am really looking forward to this coming week, adding more repetitions and time on the hangs, I am constantly tempted to just try the Phase 1 Challenge that comes at the end of Week 4, just to see how I would do, but I keep reminding myself to stick with the program, keep working and enjoy it.  I think when a lot of people think of the word “calisthenics”, they envision their old gym teacher in a gray pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.  Medical professionals can really benefit from training in calisthenics, both from a strength perspective and just how easy they are to do, with little or no equipment needed.  Once you have mastered a movement as simple as the push-up, there are so many other variations to attempt, all without adding a single pound of external weight, that can change your body, build your confidence and prolong your career and life.  This program is great for the beginner all the way to the seasoned athlete –  the philosophy of building your strength like building a house is perfect and makes total sense.  No need for any pictures with this post, same movements, just more of them.

Remember to take care of yourself, so that you can better take care of others!

See you next week!



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