Phase 1 Week 1 In The Books…

Well, Week 1 of Phase 1 is done, for the Kavadlo Brother’s Transformation Challenge.  Happily, I can report that it was pretty easy to get through, but it was great to do it as written.  The training was great and fit in well with my morning routine, not to mention did not kill me on my off day.  Speaking of off days, I was able to add a kettlebell day and a yoga day in on the off days as well.  Must be the way the program is laid out, but I felt great all day on the days I did the exercises and had good energy for training on the other days.  I even got to do a barbell day today to finish out the week.

The warm-up was great, as I have been trying to add a lot more stretching and rotational warm up work to get my joints loose anyway, usually, I do ten minutes, so 5 minutes was good. The hollow body exercise is something I have come to appreciate the more I do.IMG_2682


As for the actual exercises, the elevated push-ups were not hard, especially with only doing 6 reps.  So, I really tried to focus on the movement, and good body alignment, making sure I didn’t hurry through the reps.  Instead of taking a 60 to 90-second rest between each exercise, I used an “on the minute” routine.  I would start a 60-second timer when starting my first rep and whatever time I had left after the reps were completed was the time I had to rest – this seemed to work perfectly.

IMG_2686The flex hangs were great, and I spent as much time on the descent as I did in the actual hang, to really maximize the time under tension.  I have incorporated hanging into my workouts quite often, especially at the end, so these are a welcome exercise.

I am excited to see the progression of sets and exercises as the weeks go on.  I look forward to this becoming more challenging and to see how the exercises strengtheIMG_2688n not only my muscles but also my joints.


Tomorrow starts Week 2 of Phase 1, not to mention it being Memorial Day.  So, while I am excited to get the next week started, I want to also try and complete the Murph Crossfit WOD, which has become somewhat of a tradition to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this country.  Having the day off is nice, to be able to spend with family, but it also is a bittersweet holiday.  I hope everyone has a great Holiday and is able to spend it with those you care about.  Remember to take care of yourself, so that you may better care for others.  Talk to you next week!


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