The Get Strong Transformation Challenge

I love a good challenge – I love to see just how much I can better or change myself and if I can accomplish what I targeted at the start.  I especially love fitness and exercise challenges because you can learn a lot about yourself and really develop a ton of confidence if you hit your goal.  Even if you don’t beat the challenge, there is much to learn even in defeat.  So, when I learned about the Get Strong Transformation Challenge from the Kavadlo brothers and Dragon Door, I was excited because I really just started following them and am so impressed and inspired by what these guys have done for fitness and calisthenics.  For many years I have been more a gym rat than a calisthenics guy – worrying more about how much time I spent in the gym, how much iron I was moving around and how much bigger I was getting.  Much more recently,  have really had a change in my focus and goals.  This challenge is unique in that it is all about bodyweight calisthenics and not about how much you are putting on the bar.  I love this idea because it goes back to what has inspired me in my fitness journey as of late – how am I moving, and am I moving the right way and doing it well?  The beauty of this challenge being on Facebook is also the group can hold each other accountable, encourage one another and still try to be the one who has the most improvement in the end.  So, I am doing this challenge not just because there is a prize to be won, not just to see if I can win, but also to make improvements in myself that I feel are necessary.  I am a 42-year-old father of 2, I want to last well into my children’s adult years and be an active parent.  I want to be able to follow them wherever they go, to move as they move and climb trees, run, jump and play.  I want to show my children that it is important to be active, to move and move well.  Also, as the creator of Fit Med Pro and a nurse, I want to show the healthcare community that taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do to prolong your career in your field.

So, since I have this website as my voice, I want to hold myself even more accountable by keeping a blog of my journey on this 16-week challenge.  I want to detail my thoughts on the workouts and where I feel like I need to work harder. I have even stepped way out of my comfort zone and am posting my before pictures.  Not to have my bare-chested mess all over the internet, but to add another layer of accountability and motivation.

In addition to starting the challenge tomorrow, I will be starting a 10-day tune up with my wife through Joe Knows Nutrition. To see if that helps me in my quest as well.  The Challenge is 16 weeks so I will post at least one blog per week.  Okay, so I am trusting you guys with these pictures, so no photoshopping funky stuff all over me please… 🙂

Starting Weight 202.4 pounds

Bodyfat Percentage: 17.5%

Zee GSBT before front
I hope the camera really does add 10 pounds…
Where can I find a Transformation Challenge to fix that bad spot in back there?
[Overheard during a police lineup] “Yes, officer, it’s the guy in the red shorts… I am sure of it…”

2 thoughts on “The Get Strong Transformation Challenge

    1. JR, the challenge was made up by the Kavadlo brothers from a Dragon Door. It is a 16 week calisthenics body transformation challenge. The book Get Strong guides you through the whole process. I would highly suggest it if your are like owning at something to help build your strength using calisthenics.


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