The CLE 216 Challenge

So, I am proud of Cleveland, and not just recently because we have the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, the AHL Champion Lake Erie Monsters or UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic… (but, I mean, those are all pretty dang good reasons right there!)  I have moved away and seen many other places, but I keep coming back, and am happy and excited to raise my family here.  So, what better way to celebrate “The Land” than to build a fitness challenge built around it?

Here’s the deal:  For each letter of Cleveland, perform an exercise listed below, taking as little time as possible between each exercise.  Perform 16 repetitions of each exercise for 2 rounds total (2-16, get it?)  If you want to step up the challenge even more, only rest 52 seconds between each round (in honor of the 52 years between championships)

Substitute any exercise as needed to make it work for your resources.  Special thanks to Kevin Bartow for helping to build this challenge…


Leg raises

Elevated push-ups (feet on bench)


Ez kettlebell skull crushers

Lunge jumps

Alternating sandbag shoulder press

Neutral grip ring rows

Diamond push-ups


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